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ISeries and AS400 Programming in (RPG, RPGLE, CL, S36, WebSmart, Progen)
We do custom programming that works with your existing applications. We also will modify your existing applications for you.
We have expenience in many areas such as: external printer files; Quickbook IIF files; automating file transfers with external sources; faxing and e-mailing PDFs from the ISeries.

We have expertise in Web Server Applications on the ISeries, Infoprint Server, Fax/400, and creating forms overlays.

Technical Support for the IBM AS/400
We provide ISeries and AS400 technical support in all areas. Some examples are: PC Printer configuration; File upload and Download to PCs; Performance Tuning; Release Upgrades; Automated Backups; Network connectivity; Security Reviews both for the AS400 libraries and the AS400 IFS.

We have expertise in importing and exporting information between the ISeries and Quickbooks using the IIF file transfer layout.

WebSmart Application design and Programming
We design and create web based applications that will run on your ISeries under the APACHE webservers.

We design web applications that use your existing AS400 data thru AS400 SQL.

Web applications can be Intranet or Internet based. Web applications are all dynamatic, retrieving information in realtime from the ISeries. All of our web applications are secured to a program/function level by user group or user.

Web Servers can be secured via SSL certificates.

All of our web applications are SQL based. This allows for sortable columns and extensive search and filter capabilities.

ISeries and AS400 Progen Plus Design and Programming
We will design ISeries DDS and RPG based programs to provide you the information you wished to be displayed or updated.

Technical Support for PC Network Design.
We can design and implement your internal PC Network or you Wide Area Network, connecting your remote locations to your central site.

We offer on-site training for a variety of IBM and Microsoft Products. Including: IBM Query/400; IBM SQL;IBM CL; BCD's Progen and Websmart products; Microsoft Word; and many more.

We also offer custom training for Progen and WebSmart.

Microsoft Access, SQL, Visual Basic Programming

SyteLine Manufacturing and the Progress Language.
We provide custom programming technicians that have worked with SyteLine and the Progress Language. We have created custom code modules that run outside of the SyteLine package, but are intgrated with the application. This allows for an upgrade to the SyteLine packages without changing all of our custom code. We also have experience is interfacing SyteLine/Progress with JetForms.

Charles Strausbaugh, CPA, Waynesboro, PA

"MCCI designed, setup and installed our last three network upgrades. Each time, it has been done without disruption to our business. The professionalism and technical competence of the people at MCCI is second to none."

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