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IBM Case Study of MCCI and web applications
Click on this link to view the IBM case study that was done on Mason Computer Consulting and our work with the websmart development tool!

MCCI WebQuery
MCCI has created a new product - WebQuery.
Please view information on this new product under the products section of the web site.

MCCI Police Reporting System
MCCI has created a web based multi-agency police reporting system. This system now has a detention center inmate module.

Attention AS/400 Shops interested in AS400 Web Programming.
At MCCI we have been using a wonderful product called WebSmart, we have installed it and are creating web based applications for our customers. This tool allows us to create web applications 10 to 20 times faster than from "scratch" methods. This product uses your ISeries APACHE web server. Web applications can be secured by access lists or ISeries user id's.

Applications can be dedicated to internal intranets or available to the internet as well!

We have written applications for police reporting sytems, time and attendance, item file maintenance, shopping carts, contact management, personal property tax and others. Applications can run on any browser. This tool creates RPG CGI applications that access your AS400 natively. Applications run very fast on small ISeries. (One of our servers is a model 150!).

Contact us about an online demo or possible web design and programming.

MidRange Computing Article on MCCI Police Reporting System
Click on the link above to view this article.

WebSmart Developement for the AS400
Our customers have been asking for a personal computer (browser!) look and feel for their AS400 applications. After reviewing many tools, we have found a tool that will allow you to create these applications - WebSmart.

WebSmart - a mature, award winning, wizard based application generator, will immediately use any files on your AS/400 to create browser based HTML applications.

Using the wizards, we can create browser based file maintenance applications in 1 - 5 minutes. These are not screen scraping applications; they are RPG ILE CGI applications that use your native AS400 files. These applications run under your AS400 webserver (original or Apache that is part of the base operating system). The applications generate dynamitic HTML code. Information can be shown/hidden based on a user id. The applications respond very fast (MCCI Has written a lot of applications on our AS400 model 150 server which is connected to the Internet via Cable modem).

Applications can be used in-house only, or made available to the Internet. Applications can be made secured by AS400 user id password, or available for public access. The AS400 Web server also supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on the HTTP Server at 128bit encryption. We have a site that is using the Versign certificate for credit card orders.

Mason Computer Consulting, Inc. will design and write WebSmart applications for your company.

We have written maintenance applications, time and attendance applications, asset management, and an on-line catalog order application.

From our experience at Mason Computer Consulting, we have been able to design and implement applications in one tenth of the time it would normally take to get these type of applications up and running.

You'll find WebSmart is a very good value at a very good price.

Please contact us for more information on WebSmart and an on-line demo of the production applications we have written.

ProGen Plus
At MCCI we have been using a product called ProGen, we have installed it and trained customers to use it. Starting day one with ProGen Plus users develop and maintain programs 8 to 20 times faster than manual methods, using its many rapid application development processes. It offers immediate return on investment and is very reasonably priced.

Call us or e-mail us if you would like to discuss this option.

Charles Strausbaugh, CPA, Waynesboro, PA

"MCCI designed, setup and installed our last three network upgrades. Each time, it has been done without disruption to our business. The professionalism and technical competence of the people at MCCI is second to none."

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