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In order to offer our clients alternatives and options, MCCI markets both new systems and system upgrades for the IBM ISeries (IBM AS400

Spool File Archive

New Product - WebQuery
We have created a new product - WebQuery.
This product runs on your AS400 APACHE webserver. It will allow users to create and store their queries into any database file on the AS400.
**This product does not run under websphere. It was built with Websmart and runs as an RPG/CGI program. The demo is running on the smallest 520.

This product has the following features:
1. Very simular to IBM greenscreen query.
2. Files are secured to user/user group within the query tool (resource security is not required!).
3. Queries are secured by user / user group.
4. Ability to select one file or join multiple files thru prompted SQL.
5. Ability to select and sequence columns and fields from the selected files.
6. Ability to sort from any field(s) in the selected files.
7. Record selection via standard SQL where clauses.
8. Calculated fields via standard SQL select statements.
9. User definable edits. Supplied edits for telephone, social security, date conversions from YYYYMMDD, YYMMDD, MMDDYY, JD Edwards date, Mapics Dates.
10. User definable functions. Supplied function for JD Edwards date (converts the JDE Date to date string for use in calculated fields and record selection).
11. Displays the results on the web screen. Allows to print the results on your PC printer
12. Ability to send results directly to MS Excel (Calls MS Excel and passes a CSV file.

** Requires V5R3M0 of the AS400.

Use the above link to try it out. UserId/PW webquery.

MCCI Police Reporting System
The MCCI Police Reporting system is a multi agency police reporting system that tracks incidents and persons tied to incidents as victims, witnesses,
arrests, traffic arrests, MV Crashes, etc. Property can be attached to each incident as stolen, found, evidence, etc. The system allows for unlimited narratives for each incident. This system allows for the storage of unlimited pc files to be attached to each incident (crime scene photos, digital audio and video, word documents, etc.!) It also interfaces with mug shot cameras to provide multiple mug shots per person.

Click on the above link for more information on this product.

This is a web design tool for the IBM AS400. It will create dynamatic web applications that access AS400 databases and product web pages / applications. We have used this tool to rewrite AS400 green screen applications to the AS400 APACHE web server. This tool does not required additional hardware. We have it running on a small AS400 model 170.
MCCI has created the following applications in this tool: Police Reporting System, Time and Attendance, Asset tracking, web based shopping cart for a furniture retailer, and this web site.

Click on the link above for more information.

iSeries Access - Click (Requires Java)

VPN Client

Charles Strausbaugh, CPA, Waynesboro, PA

"MCCI designed, setup and installed our last three network upgrades. Each time, it has been done without disruption to our business. The professionalism and technical competence of the people at MCCI is second to none."

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